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University of Helsinki Newsletter: April 2020

Not long after we had launched our Covid-19 health campaign, the University of Helsinki expressed their interest for more information on the project – have a look at the full article here!

Now we are waiting for the print version of a longer follow-up article in the University Magazine that is sent to the homes of numerous subscribers in Finland. We will share it with you soon.

Short documentary about LILIEMA on the television station RTS4, Senegal: April 2020

After our radio interviews (see below) were very well received, the television station RTS4 decided to shoot a short documentary about LILIEMA and our work. They came to visit and record our final course and closing ceremony in Darsalam and interviewed LILIMA participants, teachers and supervisors. The results were first broadcast in April 2020 on RTS4.

Have a look at this special day below!

Introduction to the short documentary for RTS4, Ansou Diendiame

Radio interviews for ZIG FM and RTS: January 2020 – March 2020

As LILIEMA receives more and more attention in Senegal, Ansou Diendiame, a local journalist and very active member of the Bainounk association BOREPAB interviewed some of our team members for radio shows.

In our first radio interview on Jnauary 12 2020 Jérémi Fahed Sagna and Aimé Biagui explained and discussed our project in Ansou Diendiame’s weekly show on Baïnounk culture and activities. Some of our team members identify with different languages of the Baïnounk language cluster, we are active in Baïnounk villages and write Baïnounk languages in our project, so Ansou Diendiame was very interested in LILIEMA.

The interview was held in Baïnounk Gujaher, Baïnounk Gubëeher, French, Joola Kujireray and Wolof so that the information reached as many listeners as possible. Furthermore, we received live phone calls from interested people who had questions and expressed a lot of support for LIlLIEMA.

After the live broadcast on the January 12 2020, extracts of the interview were (partially) re-broadcast on ZIK fm and RTS in February and March 2020.

Listen to the multilingual interview below!

Also in January 2020, Ansou Diendiame visited Friederike Lüpke and Alpha Naby Mané in Agnack Grand to ask them more questions about LILIEMA. These recordings were also broadcasted several times on ZIK fm and RTS between January and March 2020.

Listen to the interviews below in French and Baïnounk Gujaher:

Bainounk Gujaher

LILIEMA at the 12th Language and Development Conference: November 2017

In 2017, the LILIEMA core team of teachers and supervisors travelled to Dakar, where we presented LILIEMA to an audience of global policy makers, development professionals, the NGO sector, private sector, arts and creative sector representatives, researchers and all those with a perspective on the role of language in society at the 12th Language and Development Conference. While there is an important body of literacy programmes in national languages in Senegal and Africa-wide, these are all language-based. Our radically different approach was well received.

FL at LDC conference (1)
Friederike Lüpke presenting LILIEMA at the Language and Development Conference in Dakar

Friederike Lüpkes featured talk on LILIEMA garnered much attention and positive feedback..But the most important signal we wanted to give at this conference was the importance of local knowledge that can only be created by local participants, and therefore, it was the presence of local teachers and trainers – not normally present at international events of this nature, where they are rather talked about – that was at the centre of our conference attendance. LILIEMA teachers and trainers staffed our stall, interacted with government officials, Senegalese and international researchers and NGO representatives over three days and hosted a party for the friends made during the conference. We all left with a huge work agenda charted out for us, but lifted up by the positive resonance we received.