Here, you can see which funders have contributed to the development and implementation of the LILIEMA programme so far. We are currently finalising the formal steps to found an association in Senegal (delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic). We are seeking support from academic and development funders. If you are interested in contributing to LILIEMA funding, please contact us!

2020: we develop a Covid-19 information campaign

Through a Global Challenges Research Fund grant to SOAS, we are able to create, print and distribute Covid-19 health information materials in the Senegalese region of Zinguinchor in the Lower Casamance, and conduct research on their efficacy and impact.

2019-2022: we conduct social research on LILIEMA

The University of Helsinki funds a postdoctoral position for LILIEMA team member Miriam Weidl, to contribute to the development of LILIEMA and conduct socio- and applied linguistic research on it.

2018-2020: we consolidate LILIEMA

With funding from SOAS’ Impact Acceleration and Knowledge Exchange Funds, we evaluate and revise our method and teaching materials and run additional training workshops for teachers.

2017: we create, pilot and present LILIEMA

Funded by a Newton Fund grant to SOAS, we organise two workshop during which LILIEMA is created and bring the LILIEMA team to the Language and Development Conference in Dakar, where we present it to an international audience.

2014-2018: we establish transcription practices

As part of Friederike Lüpke‘s Leverhulme Research Leadership Award Grant “At the Crossroads – investigating the unexplored side of multilingualism” we developed the transcription practices that lead to LILIEMA, based on this observation of a member of the Crossroads transcriber team: “Before, I couldn’t’ write any language of Senegal. Now I can write them all!”