Multilingual brochures

We created multilingual brochures to be distributed in the Lower Casamance area of Senegal. The brochures contain different combinations of local, regional and cross-border languages and Senegal’s official language French in order to reach a maximum of readers in different multilingual settings and with different literacy experiences.

The format allows double-sided printing on A4 and folding in the middle. If you are interested in adding additional languages to the brochures to use them f in other areas, please contact us,, we’re happy to help!

Below, you can see our brochures and the language combinations in them.

French – Wolof – Joola Foñi

French – Wolof – Baïnounk Gubëeher

French – Baïnounk Gujaher – Kreol

French – Bayot – Mandinka

French – Joola Kujireray – Joola Eegima

French – Wolof – Mandinka